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"Since I Laid Eyes" directed by Adel Morales starring Gina Rodriguez and Berto Colon

Charlie Espinoza, a thirty-four-year old English teacher from the Bronx, sets up a meeting between him and a former flame, Ilene Bermudez. Two years from graduating college, Ilene isn’t exactly thrilled by the thought of reconnecting with an old boyfriend. But, she goes through with their meeting in hopes of getting an apology and some closure to their failed romance. As their evening together at the bar continues, their memories seem to be pulling them back together, leading us to question whether they will reignite their love or let it die?

SCREENING DATE: SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 17TH 2016 |TIME: 7:00 PM | SHORT FILMS BLOCK 9, Buy tickets here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2592365

HollyHood Productions is a movement. One that is grounded in the belief that despite all the evidence to the contrary, a team of underprivileged but focused Latino filmmakers from the Bronx can rise up and flourish in a market where good films are rewarded for their originality, their characters, and their authenticity.

We understand that film is a collection of all art forms, and when executed with respect for each craft, it has the ability to make us hope and dream, laugh and cry, and sometimes, in those rare and magical times, it makes us do so all at once.